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The Daily Dose — Innovative 3D Concrete Printing in Procter

Jeff Sawyer
By Jeff Sawyer
March 20th, 2020

Witnessing the artful blend of a special mix of concrete illustriously shaping architectural formations at the Twente Additive Manufacturing (TAM) 3D printing facility is a thing of awe and beauty.

Their innovative approach to design output is fundamental to the goal of discovering and conceiving new ways of building design and constructing architectural forms that will save energy by reducing production time while substantially reducing material waste, conserving valuable resources and money. With all these important benefits, planning your next project with their innovative 3D printing design solutions may revolutionize how we all come to understand architectural applications for the region, and on a global level for years to come.

Right now 3D printed buildings are still very much in the experimental stages, but in early 2019 it was this inspiration that brought five friends from wind energy and the skateboard manufacturing industry iteratively into a singular universal objective; to set out to perfect concrete 3D printing technology for architectural forms and buildings.  

And such, as a collective they believe this technology will help to disrupt and innovate the entire construction industry, and Twente Additive Manufacturing (TAM) strives to be the world’s premier developer of advanced construction methods through automation integration and modern materials research in an effort to create sustainable and long-term building solutions that reduce the over consumption behaviours of humankind.

Check out the new technology with The Nelson Daily writer Jeff Sawyer in The Daily Dose.

One of the prints TAM performed live in front of the Dubai exhibition where they broke the world record for the highest wet print of 3m. — Submitted photo

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