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Airport Runway Repair Means Medivac Flights Resume

By Contributor
December 5th, 2019

Following a report by WSP for the City in September, the end third of runway 22 (close to the Prestige Inn) was deemed unsafe and a NOTAM was issued stating that the runway was rough and difficult to land on.

A NOTAM is a ‘Notice to Airmen’, issued through Transport Canada and made available to all pilots. These NOTAMs typically warn pilots of temporary obstructions, unserviceable navigation aids and other issues that might be significant in a pilot’s decision to land at an airfield.

As a result of the NOTAM being issued, the Medivac planes decreased their operations in and out of Nelson causing patients in critically ill states to be transferred to Creston and Kelowna onward for air-transport, ultimately having longer transit times and possible risks to the health of the patients.

The City of Nelson committed to the immediate repair of the runway while working with SPL on reducing the cost of the repair signifyingly.

On Friday November 22nd, SPL, Selkirk Paving Limited, completed the repairs allowing the NOTAM to be lifted and permitting the flights to resume.

The NOTAM was lifted later that same day and since that time there have been three Medivacs from the airport.

The Nelson and District Airport Society would like to thank the City of Nelson for their swift action as well as SPL for their work in making this happen for our community.

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