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Trafalgar Flash Mob takes over Baker Street in Nelson

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 15th, 2019

Nelson Police were called to Baker Street Thursday morning to numerous reports of a Flash Mob taking over the 400 block of the downtown core.

However, when officers arrived, they were pleased to see this mob was the class of Grade 6 students from Trafalgar Middle School taking their learning on the road  — literally.

Pedestrians and parents were treated to a public display of learning as 140 students “flash mobbed” the 400 Block of Baker Street.

“It was so much fun,” said student Nadia Garant in a media release. “We have been working hard on this dance for 2 weeks, it was cool to be able to do it somewhere else other than the gym.”

Another Grade 6 Student Evan Zsadany, said, “it was nice get outside in the community and show off some of the great talent we have at our school.”

The dance was performed to the song “Hall of Fame” by The Script. Teacher Amy Strachan, who lead the choreography says it is a great song for this group because of its positive message.

“At Trafalgar our motto is ‘we build each other up,’ and that really showed during this process, the students took a lot of leadership, in teaching each other and supporting each other.”

French Immersion teacher Jaclyn Dexter, who was part of the performance, was all smiles and couldn’t help but to take the opportunity to celebrate the students and school.

“We have amazing students, staff and programming at Trafalgar. From woodworking, to robotics, to international cuisine – and as we saw here today in the middle of our community a great arts and phys-ed program.”  

Shoppers, pedestrians and parents were treated to the short performance before students ventured to South Nelson School to repeat the show to the pleasure of elementary students.


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