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RDCK recognizes volunteer firefighters during service award ceremony

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 28th, 2019

During the recent Regional District of Central Kootenay meeting, the board recognized many volunteer firefighters for during service award presentations.

From Chris MacBain in Ootischenia and Fred Schneider at North Shore, each with 35 years involved in keeping the regional safe to five with a decade of service, more than 15 firefighters were honoured.

The list includes:

  • 35 YEARS, Chris MacBain, Ootischenia; Fred Schneider, North Shore
  • 30 YEARS, Rick Grant, Robson
  • 25 YEARS, Doug Chernoff
  • 20 YEARS Tony Goulart, Ootischenia; George Hamm, Ootischenia; Len Oates, Ootischenia
  • 15 YEARS Aaron Bebelman, Pass Creek; Tom McRae, Pass Creek; John Gates, Slocan; Jeff Grant, Robson; Leford Lafayette, Ootischenia; Carol Morton, Balfour
  • 10 YEARS Mike Prive, Pass Creek; Orion Cooper, Kaslo; Kevin Smith, Kaslo; Niko Bekker, Kaslo; Mike Pereversoff Ootischenia


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