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February 1st, 2019

The City of Nelson and its Cultural Development Committee are pleased to announce that the RDCK is currently accepting applications for the 2019 Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiative funding. Nelson City Council will be allocating this funding between the four core pillars of sustainability as identified in the City’s Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy.

The deadline for submitting project proposal applications is February 28, 2019. Click hear for full details.

Arts, Culture & Heritage applications are adjudicated through an independent jury of locals arts, culture & heritage professionals. Their recommendations are forwarded to City Council for review. Council hears from all community groups during a Committee of the Whole meeting in the spring and makes final recommendations to the RDCK Board.

The Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives funds projects that meet priorities in all communities and rural areas in the Basin. The funding is intended to foster activities that each community deems important and to fund projects supported by the community that might otherwise not have been undertaken.

For more information on these grants and how to apply, please contact Judy Madelung at the RDCK, at 250-352-8170 (

For more information on the City of Nelson’s Application Guidelines, please contact Sarah Winton, Manager of Corporate Services, at 250-352-8120 (

For more information about the Cultural Development Committee’s role, please contact Joy Barrett, Cultural Development Officer, at 250-354-9169 (

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