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Police say no evidence yet to corroborate alleged assaults shared on social media

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
January 23rd, 2019

Nelson Police said in a release Tuesday the department is investigating a series of social media posts involving women allegedly being assaulted in the Heritage City.

Police said the detachment received recent reports on social media that describe two women being assaulted in separate incidents in Nelson during the last week.

“These incidents reportedly occurred in the late evening or early morning,” the NPD release said. “To date, these alleged incidents have not been reported to the Nelson Police Department and it is unknown whether these events actually occurred or not.”

Another post reported a woman being chased around her vehicle by a male in the early hours before she was able to get away safely.

“Today at work we were notified that a woman was almost assaulted last (Friday, January 18) night at 1 a.m. going to her car, which was parked on Baker Street near Cantina,” the Facebook post said. “She saw a man hiding in an alcove in the corner of her eye and he ran towards her and she was chased around her car.”

Nelson Police said this incident was reported to police and has been investigated. “It appears that the event has been exaggerated on social media,” Nelson Police said.

Police suggest the public use caution when posting this type of information on social media as it can easily escalate and cause unfounded fear in the community. “Although social media is a great way to share information it’s important to get the correct information from a reputable source,” Nelson Police said.

“Please keep in mind that if police were to become aware of any type of concern for public safety a concerted effort would be made to advise the public,” Nelson Police added.

Police said the public is encouraged to follow the Nelson Police Department on Facebook and Twitter for current information.

Anyone who is a victim of an assault or has any information about these incidents please contact the Nelson Police Department (250-354-3919) or Crimestoppers (1-800-222-8477).

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