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Remembrance Day: We Can Never Forget

By Contributor
November 7th, 2018

Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance for those who gave their lives fighting for freedom. The Nelson Legion has a few words for the public as Canada prepares once again to remember on November 11th.

November, the name conjures images of wet and windy days, leaves laying wrecked and weary beneath each barren tree. Spring saw each one burst into life, smothering every branch with verdant green; a final display of red and yellow and orange, gleaming in the Autumn sun, one final glorious curtain call.

And then November. As the song says..there is a season. And November is the time of reconciliation, of quiet reflection and gathering to ourselves, our memories of the year gone by, and indeed all the Novembers of our lives, and those who went before us. This month we stop and remember. We remember the names, the faces, the courage of every single individual who made the choice to stand for the greater good.

We live in a complex world where information bombards us every day. Much of what we hear is sad, horrific, and discouraging. But we can never forget that when light in the world was threatened with extinction, young men and women, boys and girls came forward and died for its protection. A hundred years ago saw the end of World War 1. The people of the time claimed it was the war to end all wars, a hopeful but innocent claim. We see a multitude of wars every day. Killing wars, wars on truth, wars on goodness, wars on freedom. We remember that in spite of the odds, the light survived. Good and brave and courageous people still go on . . . they serve in our military, they serve with our doctors without borders, they serve in refugee camps, in places of famine and earthquake and hate and ignorance.

So, when November comes, all of us pause and remember. We march or walk to the Cenotaph where we acknowledge the past and commit again to keeping the light alive. We go to the cemetery and stand a moment to acknowledge those who sacrificed everything.

Every day the volunteers in Nelson work quietly for the betterment of this community. November, in particular sees Legion volunteers plan and execute the Poppy Fund, plan and execute the Remembrance Day events, plan and serve the Veterans’ Banquet. The men and women who served in the wars of the 20th century grow fewer every year, and we treasure and honour those who are still with us.

Lest we forget…

Remembrance Day Ceremony in Nelson, Sunday, November 11th:

  • Graveside ceremony at the graves of the fallen at 8 a.m.
  • March to cenotaph starts at 10:35 a.m
  • Minute of Silence in Memoriam at 11:11 a.m
  • The General Public are invited to the open house at the Legion following The Cenotaph Ceremony.

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