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City staff proposes One-time Parking Ticket Amnesty Program

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
November 23rd, 2018

A shift to a new parking program has afforded delinquent drivers a one-time opportunity to come clean with outstanding tickets chief financial officer, Colin McClure told City Council Monday.

McClure said the city is transitioning to a new bylaw enforcement software early in December — upgrading from the current system that is approximately 16 years old — and want to give an opportunity for drivers to settle outstanding tickets that have increased from the original amount with late fees with the Proposed One-time Parking Ticket Amnesty Program.

McClure said there are currently 27,000 outstanding tickets at a rate of $50 per ticket in the old system, with most drivers holding one-to-two tickets.

Currently bylaw officers tow as a last resort ticket offenders with numerous outstanding infractions.

Staff is proposing to council a time period from December 4 to January 2, 2019 for drivers to settle any outstanding parking tickets for a reduced rate of $15 per ticket instead of the $50 amount,

Staff said for each outstanding parking ticket, $5 would be donated by the city to a community cause determined by council, ie, Kootenay Lake Hospital or Food Bank. The remaining $10 would be used to fund the downtown and/or waterfront upgrades.

This offer is for anyone holding a parking ticket that is older than 14 days beginning at December 4, 2018.

Council was warm to the idea, but some members suggested the deadline should be extended due to timing of the offer happening during the Christmas shopping period and the fact letters sent to delinquent drivers with outstanding tickets might be slowed due to the current postal slowdown.

Although, the Federal Government said Thursday it is moving to table back-to-work legislation that would force Canada Post workers back on the job.

Staff said the City has an 85 percent ticket collection rate — a rate that drops to 80 percent when all provinces and states are included.

Staff encourages the public to take advantage of this off as the new system allows bylaw officers real-time access to citation history and ownership data from Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC), which will increase future enforcement.

The Proposed One-time Parking Ticket Amnesty Program was left for city staff to develop a resolution that will be reviewed by council during the next meeting, Monday, December 3.

Earlier this year, Whistler looked to get some help with their outstanding fines by sending a letter to BC Attorney General David Eby suggesting a partnering strategy between municipalities, province and ICBC to help generate some additional non-tax revenue for both ICBC and municipalities.

According to the resolution, unpaid parking tickets would be paid at ICBC when drivers go to renew their licence or their auto insurance.

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