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UPDATED: Nelson candidate signs found near Krestova

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 4th, 2018

A Nelson City Councillor said in an email to The Nelson Daily that several candidate signs vandalized last week were found in a ditch in Krestova.

Nelson Police said the department received complaints last week that candidate signs for the October 20 municipal election has been vandalized.

“(Unnamed person) found them in the ditch by her house in Krestova and sent out an email to all the candidates,” the Nelson City Councillor’s email said.

The councillor said the signs were all in a pile.

“I only have 12 signs so having four (4) go missing over night was a real shame,” the councillor said. 

“It is so unfortunate that this petty vandalism occurs,” the councillor added. “(Vandals) even took my neighbours sign that said, “slow for cats”.

Anyone witnessing vandalism of signs should contact Nelson Police Department at 250-354-3919.

Police receive complaints of election sign vandalism

Nelson Police said in media release that the department has received several complaints recently of election signs being vandalized and/or removed. 

Police said although elections can bring out very strong emotions and opinions, the department would like urge the public to vote to show their opinion and to remind the public that offenders can face charges under the Criminal Code if caught.

Police said damage to any property is considered Mischief under the Criminal Code and the Nelson Police Department will investigate any instances if reported.

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