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Letter: In favour of Proportional Representation

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
October 26th, 2018

To The Editor:

Proportional Representation leads to better decision making in our Government. It has been demonstrated time and again that better decisions are made collectively than individually.

Proportional Representation (Pro Rep) voting ensures that voters political views are accurately represented.

This in turn ensures that all views are heard from when decisions are made in Government. The problems that face the future of our province are too far reaching and complex for any one group or “Party” (as we refer to them in political terms) to solve them.

It will require a collective effort to determine the correct course of action. Our current voting system, “First Past The Post” has no safeguards in place to ensure that votes are accurately represented.

Consider the 1993 Federal election in this country where one party (Bloc Quebecois) elected 54 MP’s with under two million votes and another party (Progressive Conservatives) elected only two MP’s with over two million votes.

As well the 1996 BC Provincial election where the “losing” party had more votes (over 37,000 more) than the “winning” party and the party with less votes went on to form a “majority” Government.

This sort of distorted election result should never happen. Ensuring that our votes are accurately represented is as important as our right to vote itself. Denying representation of our votes is as bad as denying the actual right to vote.

Join me in supporting Proportional Representation in the upcoming BC referendum.

Dave Carter, Castlegar, BC 

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