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Dooley returns to office of mayor as face of council nearly completely remade

Timothy Schafer
By Timothy Schafer
October 21st, 2018

City council must have been in need of a makeover.

Only one incumbent has been returned to city council as six of the seven elected municipal government officials will be different on the next version of council for Nelson.

Janice Morrison retained her seat while Bob Adams and Robin Cherbo — both three-term councillors — did not make the cut in the 19-horse race for one of the six seats on council.

And incumbent mayor Deb Kozak will be off of council for the first time in 12 years — the last term of which was served as mayor — as she was defeated by around 400 votes by former mayor John Dooley.

Dooley had 53.1 per cent of the votes at 2,290 votes compared to 1,904 (44.1) for Kozak and 121 for Bernie Brown.

There is a lot of work to do, said Dooley after the results were announced, and work is going to start as soon as possible.

“The first stop Monday morning is the Public Works yard. I want to see the people that keep this town running day in and day out,” he said, adding that he would also be stopping by the police and fire departments, Nelson Hydro and City Hall.

“We are going to move some things forward here in a hurry,” he said.

Outgoing mayor Kozak — who served with Dooley as councillor for two terms — wished Dooley well in his return to office.

“Congratulations on the win,” Kozak said about Dooley after the results were announced. “You have six really strong, wonderful councillors and I wish you the best.”

As far as those councillors went, Rick Logtenberg garnered the most votes for councillor for the 2018-2022 term with 1,923 (unofficial at 44.6 per cent of the votes) while Brittny Anderson (1,862, 43.2 per cent), Jesse Woodward (1,813, 42 per cent), Cal Renwick (1,765), Morrison (1,578) and Keith Page (1,389) filled out the remaining seats.

“I haven’t seen the full roster of councillors but I believe they will be a great group of people,” Dooley said early in the evening.

Anna Purcell, Michael Dailly and Val Warmington did not let their names stand for re-election for council.

Other candidates that came close included Rob Richichi (1,058), Robin Cherbo (1,052), Marg Stacey (1,049), Michelle Hillaby (1,037), Robbie Kalabis (1,031), Joseph Reiner (944), and Bob Adams (939).

Also finishing strong were Brian Shields (912), Travis Hauck (864), Leslie Payne (819), Laureen Barker (712), Stephanie Wiggins (682) and Charles Jeanes (254).

Voter turnout was 55 per cent, with 4,315 people casting votes of the 7,821 people eligible to vote.

City communications coordinator Ginger Lester said the official results, including the exact number of votes for each candidate, will be posted at early next week.

Nelson's new council, from left, Jesse Woodward, Mayor John Dooley, Cal Renwick, Janice Morrison, Rick Logtenberg and Keith Page. Missing, Brittny Anderson. — The Nelson Daily photo

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