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Nelson Hydro unveils The Great Escape heat mapping pilot project

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 8th, 2018

An enthusiastic crowd took to the Adventure Hotel Wednesday to receive a first-hand look at the just how energy efficient their homes are in Nelson as part of the EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program.

Led by Carmen Proctor, EcoSave Program Manager for the City of Nelson, the crowd learned from the experts ways to improve energy efficiency.

From insulation to better home construction, as well as The Great Escape heat mapping pilot project where customers can see any heat loss from a map Hydro customers found out ways to stop heat from escaping.

Energy retrofits are upgrades that can save money on utility bills.  Some of those upgrades include improving insulation, reducing air leakage and installing more efficient space and water heating systems.

For more information regarding the Great Escape Heat Map check out the City of Nelson website.


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