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Local Officers Join Alexa's Team

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 18th, 2018

Eight local police officers were recognized at a ceremony in Kelowna for their work in removing impaired drivers from our roads last year an RCMP media release said.

The eight officers, five from Nelson Police Department and three RCMP from the West Kootenay region, were all recipients of being selected to Alexa’s Team. 

“Once our police officers are no longer being recognized for removing impaired drivers, we will have all won,” said NPD Chief Paul Burkart.

“Until then, thank you to those citizens making safe choices and thank you to the police officers for dealing with those who are not,” he added.

Alexa’s Team, formed in 2008 after year four-year old Alexa Middelaer was killed by an impaired driver in Delta, BC, recognizes police officers who have recommended at least 12 impaired driving charges and/or issued 90-day driving prohibitions under the Immediate Roadside Prohibition sanctions.

In addition, these members have issued many more 24 Hour, 3 Day and 7-Day Driving Prohibitions in 2017.

This is the tenth anniversary of Alexis Team.

“The proactive enforcement conducted by these officers over this past year is a testament to their commitment to public safety,” said RCMP Inspector Dale Somerville, the officer in charge of Traffic Services in the Kootenays.

“Just imagine how many crashes have been prevented and how much harm reduced due to these officers catching that drunk or drug impaired driver before he/she can hurt one of our loved ones on the roads we share every day.”

The five NPD officers include Cst. Jason Anstey, Cst. Lisa Schmidke, Cst. Drew Hildred, Cst. Alain Therrien and Cst. Lauren Mirva.

The three RCMP officers are Cst. Guillaume Boucher, Cst. Matthew Innes and Cst. Martin Schmidt.

Both Chief Burkart and Inspector Somerville said impaired driving remains a high priority for the RCMP and Nelson Police Department.

Drivers should expect to see police officers checking for sobriety at any time and any location.

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