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Dig Safe Month highlights importance of BC One Call

By Contributor
April 2nd, 2018

April is recognized as Dig Safe Month across Canada, to raise awareness of the importance of safe digging practices.

Dig Safe Month serves as a reminder for homeowners and contractors to “click or call” BC One Call before digging.

Infrastructure, such as natural gas lines, electricity and telecommunication wires, water mains and sewer lines, are buried underground and out of the public eye. The failure to take a simple, but important, safety step before starting an excavation project can cause damage and interrupt services.

Safe digging can be as simple as just one click or call to help identify and mark underground lines. By following safe digging practices, injuries, damages to infrastructure and inconvenient outages can be prevented.

The “click before you dig” campaign is fully supported by the B.C. Common Ground Alliance, a non-profit organization that strives to ensure the highest level of worker safety, public safety and damage prevention.

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