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MP Wayne Stetski receives flag from Customs and Immigration Union

By Contributor
November 10th, 2017

As a staunch fighter for Border Services Officers, representatives of the Customs and Immigration Union (CIU) recently presented their flag to Kootenay Columbia Member of Parliament Wayne Stetski.

The presentation comes after Stetski has repeatedly spoken on behalf of Border Services Officers in the House of Commons. The officers have been without a contract for more than three years.

“It is appalling that these critical law enforcement officers are being neglected by our federal government,” Stetski said.

“They are asking to be recognized as federal law enforcement officers and the government is refusing. They are our “thin blue line” against gun and drug smuggling across the border; they carry guns; and they enforce Canada’s laws.”

Stetski thanked CIU Shop Stewards Clint Bradshaw and Alice Sonntag, who presented the flag to him.

“The Border Services Officers who work in our riding and across Canada deserve thanks from our communities and respect from our government,” he said.


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