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LVR grad back to showcase new release Saturday at Otter Books

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
November 26th, 2017

L.V. Rogers graduate Lorna Carleton is heading back to the Kootenays Saturday, December 2, for a book signing at Otter Books.

Carleton, who graduated in 1978, is showcasing The Dragons of Nibiru, the first book in a series of seven.

Carleton said the second available in January and third to be released in May 2018.

“I drew inspiration for the book – and the series to follow it – from observations of life over the years,” Carleton explained.

“Some of my most influential experiences involved clashes among diverse cultures, and the struggles of former cult members to get on with their lives and find happiness.”

While continuing the Dragons series, Carleton is also planning a vacation to the Pleiades Cluster – providing she can find suitable transport.

While living in Nelson Carleton was often seen regularly hiking nearby trails or rowing as a member of the Nelson Rowing Club.

 After graduation, she hoped to pursue a career as a researcher/writer, so she headed to Langara College in Vancouver.

Today, Carleton makes her home in Kamloops, and works as a Safety Advisor for a major utility; she’s also back in school, working toward a university degree.

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