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Letter: Local Jurisdictions should follow Victoria’s lead

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
October 29th, 2017

To The Editor:

We should not only applaud the City of Victoria for their recent call for climate accountability, but our local municipalities should join the chorus.

For far too long fossil fuel corporations have used tax payer dollars through government subsidies and externalized pollution costs to make billions in profits. Its time they join us in paying the bill for climate change.

While knowing that fossil fuels give rise to dangerous climate change these companies have cynically assumed that Canadian taxpayers will pay 100% of the damages. This is especially galling in light of a recent analysis by the Guardian showing that oil companies pay Canada a fraction of the taxes they pay to other countries. 

Victoria’s “Climate Accountability Letter” is a clear wake-up call.

The end of government subsidies along with a strong fee-and-dividend carbon price will send a clear message that business as usual is over. Our municipalities in the Kootenays should join Victoria’s lead as we progress together towards a just and more equitable clean-tech future.

Paul Grace-Campbell

Kaslo, BC 

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