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Letter: Big Corportations need to be held accountable

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
September 24th, 2017

To The Editor:

The devastating hurricanes we witnessed in early September shouldn’t have been named after a sweet old couple like Irma and Harvey. They should be named after the true culprits:  Exxon and Chevron.

Of course there are many more culprits, 90 companies have been implicated in a recent ‘peer reviewed’ study, in the journal Climate Change. The study’s authors say they not only figured out how much pollution corporations have emitted, but how much their emissions contributed to rising oceans and global warming. 

It became clear no later than the 1960s that continuing CO2 emissions would progressively undermine the climate, the major carbon producers could see that they were marketing harmful products. 

Did that stop them?

The fossil fuel companies should be held accountable for the staggering economic impacts of climate change. Multiple lawsuits, similar to the ones against the tobacco industry, have been filed against fossil fuel companies over their failure to warn the public that their products could cause global harm. 

These aren’t just natural disasters, they’re fossil fueled events, and it’s time the industry was held accountable.

Dona Grace-Campbell, Kaslo, BC

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