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LV Rogers 50th Anniversary Grad Reunion – July 25 to July 27

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 24th, 2017

To Sir With Loveby Lulu topped the Billboard Top 100 chart.

A Man For All Seasons won the best movie at the Oscars to which Paul Scofield took home best actor in the same flick.

Elizabeth Taylor for her role in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf was named best Actress.

The year of 1967 was also Canada's 100th birthday.

This week, 50 years after the fact, the Grad Class of 1967 is joining with the Grad Class of 1968 to celebrate the day when we all graduated from LV Rogers.

"We will celebrate amazing memories of growing up in Nelson, of the friendships we made and have sustained from those days, and we will celebrate seeing faces we haven’t seen in literally decades," said Don Johnston of the Grad Committee.

"Oh and we will celebrate that we made it this far."

The event will take place from Tuesday to Thursday (July 25th to July 27th ) at various venues around town and we have 190 registered attendees, so if you see a sea of white spreading across the city it is neither an early winter nor an invasion from Saskatchewan.

"Watch for familiar faces and crowded restaurants and bars this week because we are all young enough to drink as opposed to the year we graduated when we weren’t old enough to drink, but did so anyway," Johnston said.

"Say hi if you find yourself surrounded by our posse this week."

L.V. Rogers Rocks.

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