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Letter: The reason why I'm casting my vote

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
May 6th, 2017

To The Editor:

Why I am voting for Michelle Mungall,

Voting is a privilege which is often taken for granted. But Being born to parents who came from countries where they were not allowed to vote, I was imbued at an early age with the seriousness of voting and that the awareness that the electoral choices we make can determine the future well being of millions of people.

That is the case in this provincial election. The Clark government has made many decisions that have negatively affected millions of people. Many of the voters in this area are very displeased with the Clark government and I don’t need to expand upon why.

My concern lies with the decision some very thoughtful and caring people have made to express their dislike of the liberals by  supporting  the Green Party..

The reasons given usually are “It’s time for a change” or “I’m voting with my heart”. I agree its time for a change. A change of government. Not a change in MLA’s. We have one of the strongest, hard working, passionate and effective MLA’s in the legislature. Michelle is one of the most powerful advocaates for women, children and families as well as seniors and people with disabilites. She stood up for Jumbo, even though it isn’t in her riding because she knew how much we care about Jumbo here.

Defeating Michelle because of Green votes whether or not Kim wins,, will not bring about a change in government. It will strengthen the Liberals.

Because Andrew Weaver is a BC Liberal at heart.

Andrew Weaver has twice voted for Liberal budgets even though they contained significant  cuts to social programs and education as well as funding for environmentally destructive programs. He has supported a wide range of Liberal bills and and to be fair he has supported some NDP bills as well). He is not seen as a threat to the Liberal status quo as he is in agreement with many of their policies. He has even stated publicly that he would consider supporting the Liberals if there is a minority government. His own campaign manager stated that he’s”not worried” if the Liberals were returned to power. Really?

Two weeks ago Andrew Weaver sent out a string of tweets denigrating and insulting teachers, How could he work with teachers productively he has so little respect for them.yet he says that education is his number one proirity. His platform on childcare is vague unrealistic, and ignores the work and research done by the Early Childhood Educators and child care experts  of the province

Andrew Weaver self righteously criticizes corporate and union donations when he himself solicited foreign investment for his campaign last year on his Facebook page and took corporate donations in 2009.

Here’s the quote on his personal Facebook page on Feb. 15, 2016, He made this appeal for foreign money: “A fundraising plea for the 2017 campaign… My friends anywhere in the world can donate any amount of money any time. We do not have restrictions in BC on out of province donations.“Nor is there a restriction on the maximum you can donate if you are a Canadian resident. Thank you in advance for considering this. Please also tell your friends and relatives that now is a truly incredible time for us to change politics forever in this province. Thank you. Andrew.”

Why did Weaver, if he is so passionate about climate change offer qualified support for an oil refinery in Kitimat to process Alberta oil sands bitumen transported there by pipeline to then go by tankers to Asia?

And why didn’t Weaver support a treatment project to end dumping raw sewage off Victoria’s coast?

Why didn’t he back the Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Council public transit plan in the 2015 plebiscite?

What kind of independent, environmental candidate is he? Or is he just a BC Liberal in green sheeps clothing?

I would suggest that people who are voting with their hearts, also vote with their heads.

Weaver is not knight in shining armour people imagine him to be. His behaviour belies his campaign words. Voting for the Greens is really a vote for the Liberals – and I’m not just talking about vote splitting. The Liberals though are salivating at the thought of the Greens taking away NDP votes. They don’t even care if a few Greens get elected, as they’ll probably vote with them anyway.

I think Kim Charlesworth is a very bright, competent concerned person. I am sorry to see her trying to unseat such a dedicated, strong MLA who has worked so hard on our behalf and on behalf of all children and families, seniors, teachers, workers, the environment, the green economy etc, all these years.

And I must add, as a business owner, that I support a $15.00 minimum wage to be brought in gradually, as well as $10.00 a day childcare brought in under the very measured and thoughtful policy put forward by the NDP.

Judy Banfield, Nelson BC

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