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Nelson Library launches Jennifer Craig’s new novel

By Contributor
March 12th, 2017

Jess is a fiercely independent senior with a problem: she’s lost her job and she needs a new way to keep the wolf from the door. In Jennifer Craig’s new novel Gone to Pot (Second Story Press) we find out how Jess gets creative about making money—with hilarious results.

Craig launches her book on Thursday, March 30, 7 p.m. at the Nelson Public Library.

Hot off the press, Craig’s novel is a fresh take on aging and the ways people adapt when the stakes are high. Jess’s search for new income leads her to the world of growing weed, and some surprising revelations about herself, the people she knows, and the people she meets — never mind a talent she didn’t know she had.

The book is clearly set in Nelson, where a fire in the Grizzly Grill on Baker Street that causes Jess to become unemployed is clearly modelled on the Redfish Grill fire.

Locals who know Craig and wonder about the inspiration for the character might jump to some conclusions, but in fact the character of Jess is modelled on Craig’s late Aunt Von, to whom the book is dedicated.

Says one review on the reader’s blog Goodreads: “Funny, witty and very entertaining! Jess was such a cool character. Her willingness to try something as insane as a grow-op is great. I wouldn’t mind having this woman as my grandmother”.

Craig is the author of three other published books of fiction and nonfiction, including her memoir Yes Sister, No Sister, which made the UK bestseller list and has since sold more than 170,000 copies.

Otter Books will be on hand with copies of Gone to Pot, and the library wishes to remind people that smoking on site is strictly forbidden.

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