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Transitional Training Students at Selkirk College Spread Holiday Cheer

Kirsten Hildebrand
By Kirsten Hildebrand
December 23rd, 2016

Students taking the Transitional Training Program at Selkirk College’s Silver King Campus in Nelson raised money through hard work, determination and goodwill to purchase eight holiday hampers benefiting hungry students.

“This really highlights their generosity and social consciousness,” says Instructor Alison Roy.

“They chose to spend this money on others instead of using it to benefit them.”

Transitional Training (also called Adult Special Education) prepares adults with special needs or disabilities to participate more fully in daily life within their communities by nurturing independence and building personal strength.

For many years, Transitional Training students have been sharing funds raised through weekly popcorn sales with their fellow students who go hungry. Sales so successful, students decided to expand the reach of their kindness.

“People are starving out there and we need to support them the best we can,” says student Nick Toner.

For Thanksgiving, students used funds to purchase supplies for six hampers going to students in need. And they had money left over. Motivated to continue giving, they held a Halloween bake sale and also used money from collecting refundable bottles on the Silver King Campus. 

“We’re going to touch someone’s heart for Christmas that’s for sure,” says student Dawn Compagna as she loads fruit into the eight hampers ready for delivery to Selkirk College students in need.

Students were hands-on through the entire process which provided learning opportunities along the way. They created a feedback form to give to students receiving Thanksgiving hampers and made adjustments in their shopping lists.

They set fundraising targets and budgeted money raised. They baked and made soup mixes while meal planning to ensure that each hamper contained balanced meal options.

Roy explains that students of all abilities found ways to contribute and gain knowledge.

“We were able to work on those skills that transfer into independent living skills,” she says.

Transitional Training is offered at Silver King Campus in Nelson, Castlegar, Grand Forks and Trail. You can find out more information about the program at:

Photo Caption: Students taking the Transitional Training program at Selkirk College in Nelson put together eight holiday hampers benefiting hungry students. They raised all the funds themselves, mostly through popcorn sales, and decided as a group to be generous with proceeds. — Photo courtesy Selkirk College

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