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Graduation Day for NPD Restorative Justice Team

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
November 23rd, 2016

There’s going to be a big graduation coming Saturday as 14 new members of the Restorative Justice team receive their diplomas during a Nelson Police Department ceremony at the at The Front Room in Nelson.

Mayor Deb Kozak, and head of the Nelson Police Board, will conduct the ceremony that sees Elliot Chan, Rebecca Dale, Angelica Duggan, Fletcher FitzGibbon, Cheryl Grant, Barbara Henry, Michael Hurley, Linden Jennings, Lisa Kilpatrick, Chris Mason, Sandra Nellis, Carla Poertner, Beth Seed and Carolina Ribeiro de Almeida receive their honours.

NPD’s Sgt. Dino Falcone will also assist in the graduation ceremony.

“The volunteers have practiced numerous role plays as victim — affected person — as offender —responsible person — and as their supporters, as well as co-facilitators and observers,” a media spokesperson for NPD Restorative Justice.

“By playing these roles, volunteers received firsthand experience of the many varying emotions and agendas people bring to a Restorative Justice Intervention or RJ conference.”

The trainees have learned how to prepare for the meeting with those involved by doing pre-conference preparation so the circle is a safe and open place for all participants.

The volunteer training has been very thorough, and the volunteers have become proficient in this important work for our community.

The 30-minute graduation ceremony will be held at The Front Room on Front Street this Saturday (November 26) beginning at 4 p.m.

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