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Duhamel Watershed Society hosts Community Forum

By Contributor
November 10th, 2016

The Duhamel Watershed Society is hosting a Community Forum on Tuesday, November 15th at the Ecole des Sentiers-Alpins (formerly A.I. Collinson Elementary) on the North Shore.

Herb Hammond, renowned author, ecologist, educator and pioneer of ecosystem based conservation planning will be attending at guest speaker.

It is most commonly understood that current logging practices are unsustainable and the industry is running out of places to operate.

More and more we are observing resource extraction moving from the back-country and closer to our communities, potentially impacting ecosystems and access to clean safe water.

Additionally, forests are increasingly coming under pressure from recreational pursuits and other human interactions.

There is a groundswell of public opinion that is rising. Many residents are concerned about how the forests are being managed (or not) and the effect it has on our future.

Climate change is a wildcard that is contributing to seasonal drought resulting in wildfire as well as increasing precipitation that is causing sliding mountainsides. Are we prepared for this? Who is managing the forests?

If anyone, what are they doing? Why should we care?

Hammond’s perspective is sobering, and compelling, regarding the importance of protecting fresh water on the planet starting at a community level.

The forum is open to public, media and elected representatives.

The public will leave with hope and enthusiasm after having learned how communities can, and sometimes do, foster sustainable forestry management.

It is time for us all to step up.

No longer is ‘business as usual’ something we can ignore. Forest management must get better, smarter.

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