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Queen’s Bay Residents’ Association hosts Beach Party 'Swim-in' Sunday

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
August 17th, 2016

Hopefully this won’t be the last Beach Party for Queens Bay.

However, organizers are taking no chances by staging the Queen’s Bay Beach Party “Swim-in” Sunday (August 21) at Turtle Rock Beach approximately four kilometers north of Balfour along Highway 31.

The event, schedule to begin at 1 p.m., rain or shine, is to show support for keeping the Kootenay Lake ferry terminal in Balfour and preserving the Queen’s Bay beach.

Participants are urged to bike, hike, boat or drive to Turtle Rock beach — please park only on the lakeside of the highway. 

There will be tours of the popular beach marking out the half-kilometer that the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is considering filling in and paving as parking lot for a proposed new ferry terminal before the giant “swim-in” at 2 p.m., with prizes for kids, short speeches & fun.

“Swimmers, sun-tanners, kayakers, pleasure-boaters, paddle boarders, fishers, hikers, wind surfers, bird watchers, canoers, water skiers, and anyone else who appreciates Queen’s Bay is invited to a beach party,” organizers said.

“This event is part of an ongoing campaign spearheaded by the Queen’s Bay Residents’ Association and local businesses in Balfour, where the ferry terminal is currently located.

It’s in response to last June’s release of a feasibility study by our Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure recommending moving the Kootenay Lake ferry terminal to Queen’s Bay.”


  • The Balfour businesses and local residents are widely and deeply opposed to this proposed move. Opposition to relocating the terminal to Queen’s Bay also comes from tourists and the larger community outside the region who appreciate keeping Kootenay Lake the special place that it is. More than 3000 signatures so far have been gathered petitioning the government to keep the ferry terminal in Balfour. 
  • Closing the Balfour terminal would likely be the end of the ferry landing businesses costing our local economy dozens of jobs and millions in tourist and local dollars. Dredging and filling the north end of Queen’s bay with 6000 truck-loads of fill covered in pavement would irretrievably ruin a precious and popular stretch of warm water beach including rare Kootenay Lake shallow water fish habitat as well as historical and cultural values
  • The Queen’s Bay Residents’ Association and the Balfour Ferry Businesses Coalition have conducted a technical review of the government study recommending moving the terminal and found it grossly deficient as a fair appraisal of the other options besides relocating the terminal to Queen’s Bay. The document has been found by subject matter experts to be incomplete,  biased and unfit to base a decision to move the ferry terminal. 

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