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Letter: Does the Health Ministry acknowledge the reports that we are paying for?

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
July 8th, 2016

To the Editor:

Will the Health Ministry implement any of the recommendations made by the Senior Advocate in regard to resident on resident aggression in senior facilities?

Let’s take a look at the Ministries past record of acknowledging the problems within the Senior Health Care System.

Back in 2012 the tax payers paid for an investigation by the Ombudsman to determine what needed to be changed to improve the quality of care for our seniors in facilities.

One-hundred seventy-six recommendations were made. As of today, only ten have been implemented! The Ombudsman asked that the Ministry develop a monitoring and enforcement system to ensure sufficient staffing levels.

This suggestion was refused.

And now, another investigation that we are paying for has established a link between the increasing number of aggressive incidents and insufficient staff!
Eighty-two percent of facilities do not meet staffing guidelines. If a lack of funding is to blame, how have the remaining eighteen percent managed to achieve a better quality of care? Conscientious ownership and better management.

Why have violations against seniors increased by 21 percent since 2014? A lack of enforcement by our Health Authorities.

Is the Ministry aware that the Health Authorities are failing to protect our seniors?

According to the Ombudsman, the Ministry does not receive enough relevant data concerning the quality of care that facilities offer, or the actions that the Authorities are taking, to provide effective stewardship or oversight.

The Senior Advocate has used our money wisely with extensive reports done in record time and under budget. Will the Ministry acknowledge any of the numerous problems identified in these reports?

Will the Senior Advocate be more persuasive than the Ombudsman?

Judy Galley, Sorrento, BC

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