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Local and Natural — Remedy’s Pharmacy on Baker Street

Brendan Quinn
By Brendan Quinn
May 8th, 2016

These two terms are incredibly important for any business looking to succeed in Nelson.

There’s a real community spirit in this town, and it’s no surprise to learn that the ideology of keeping things local and supporting home-grown businesses is a large focus for operations looking to prosper in Nelson.

That second term, natural, is another key phrase here—especially when it comes to medication.

Remedy’s Pharmacy on Baker Street prides itself on providing a level of personalized care not found in bigger chains, with an a emphasis on natural and homeopathic care that fits Nelson like a glove.

“It’s not a big, sterile chain,” said Trevor Sawchuck, the owner and head pharmacist at Remedy’s.

“When you walk in the door we greet you by name and that leads to better health care, ” he continued, “ it’s a very unique type of service. We are full compounding pharmacy focusing very heavily on the natural product side compared to most pharmacies; a very good fit for Nelson.”

Remedy’s offers an extensive selection of natural health products and one-on-one medication consultations.

While there exists a bit on confusion, there has always been a Remedy’s RX in this location. Before being purchased by Pharmasave, it was called Natural Choice Pharmacy. Upon buying the store, Pharmasave transferred the prescription files and shut the original location down.

Sawchuck then took a gamble and after receiving a bank loan and putting his house on the line, re-opened the store under the Remedy’s banner.

Along with previous employees Melissa Bleier, Elena Perepelkin and Karen Wilkinson, Sawchuck now operates independently and because of this can offer a level of personalized care that just isn’t found in the competition.

“[It was] kind of a shame this place closed down because there isn’t really anything else quite like this in town. We always gave a really high level of service and a unique product mix which is basically is why we opened it back up,” Sawchuck said.

“We are 100 per cent locally owned, community oriented [and a] comfortable environment,” he continued.

“I’m going to be ringing through a customer’s stuff and I can say ‘wait a minute you can’t take this aspirin product with the medication you’re on’, and that doesn’t happen with Shoppers or Wal-Mart.”

As for the future, Sawchuck wants Nelsonites to know they aren’t leaving any time soon and are here to stay.

“I’m definitely committed to this business for sure, and to the town. I’ve been in Nelson for six years now and absolutely love it, I own a home here and I’m not going anywhere.”

So if you’re searching for more intimate, welcoming and personal approach to acquiring your medication, head to Remedy’s and have a chat with the friendly staff at Remedy’s RX at  737 Baker Street in Nelson.

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