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Sculpture Swap on Baker Street

By Contributor
April 6th, 2015

Baker Street’s gallery of outdoor sculptural art is soon to see a swap, just in time for the arrival of spring.  

And, according to Nelson’s Cultural Development Officer Joy Barrett, if you fell in love with one of the existing sculptures, now is your chance to own or lease it and extend your enjoyment.

Five sculptures currently grace the downtown: Seed by Nathan Smith, Rhythm of Being by Regine Neumann, To See & To Say by Serge Mozhnevsky, To Love Is To Be by Martin Eichinger, and Fir Cone by Kevin Kratz. All will come down in the first week of April, to be replaced by five new works of art that will beautify the downtown for another year.

 “We’ve had a very positive response to the public art downtown,” said Barrett. “Our streets now reflect what we already know – that Nelson is a creative and artistic community.”

The downtown sculpture program, urged by Nelson citizens who helped create of the City’s Sustainable Waterfront and Downtown Master Plan, has proven to be a very cost-effective way to increase public art in the community, amounting to just one tenth the cost of outright purchasing the art.

This initiative has been championed by the City of Nelson’s Cultural Development Committee (CDC), which is dedicated to the development, promotion and enhancement of Nelson’s art and culture sector. Barrett can be reached at

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