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Young Nelson entrepreneurs make hay with Lion Boy Comics idea

Bruce Fuhr
By Bruce Fuhr
December 21st, 2014

It was more than 75 years ago when Marvel Comics hit the streets.

While a pair of Nelsonites are not quite ready to challenge the comic book giant, now owned by The Walt Disney Company, the duo are creating a bit of stir with the recent launch of Lion Boy Comics.

“We kind of just wanted to start making comics,” 11-year-old Noah Quinn told The Nelson Daily recently seconds after making another sale in from of the Kootenay Co-op on Baker Street.

“We started out two or three years ago, but quit,” Quinn added.

“Then we started making comics again this year and it’s been a lot of fun.”

Lion Boy Comics is a creation of Noah Quinn and 12-year-old Tenzin Mint.

The two friends who attend Trafalgar Middle School brainstormed ideas before putting together a five-chapter comic book.

“Usually whatever pops into our head, we write it down and try to turn out a good message using it,” Quinn explained.

Chapter one talks about Nelson while the remain four chapters have the new Rosemont Skate park, going out for dinner, how to be nice to pets and golfing at Granite Pointe as themes.

Each book sells for $5 each, with most of the proceeds going towards costs.

“We’re not making any money right now,” said Tenzin Mint. “We’re just trying to make enough to purchase supplies so we can make the next book.”

The pair can be seen outside the Kootenay Co-op or BC Wine Guys stores on Baker and Kootenay Streets selling books two to three times a week.

Quinn and Mint said the response from consumers has been pretty positive, although not everyone is an instant fan.

“Some people think our comics are funny . . . some people feel were overpricing them,” said Quinn, who has engaged the expertise of his grandfather to help create a business plan.

“But we try to explain to them we’re not making very much money on each comic book and most of the money goes into the cost of making each book,” Mint added.

Kootenay Co-op shopper Gary Ramsbottom, who minutes before read the inaugural book, told the young entrepreneurs not to get frustrated with any negative responses from the public.

Instead he said to the two Nelsonites, “I think your cartoons are great.”

“They’re very funny and I think you should continue to pursue them.”

“You guys are up-and-coming cartoonists. .  . (newspapers) should hire them,” Ramsbottom adds.

Quinn and Mint realize the creation of Lion Boy Comics probably won’t make them millions, so quitting school at this age is not an option.

However, the pair continues to set some lofty goals with Lion Book Comics.

“After we sell out this book, we’re going to create Book II and after we sell out Book II we’re going to make Book III and keep going,” said Mint.

And realizing it’s good to give back to the community at a young age, Lion Book Comics will donate 10 percent of daily sales to the Food Bank.

“We plan to shop at the end of each month and take groceries to the Food Bank ourselves,” the pair said.

Makes a person think maybe The Walt Disney Company just might start poking around the Heritage City in a few years time for another sound investment.

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