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NPD Christmas Counterattack Campaign designed to keep roads safe during the holidays

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
December 18th, 2014

Be warned — people who drink and drive will get caught.

So people planning to enjoy a few cocktails during the Christmas season has better have a plan to get home.

During the month of December, Nelson Police Department is actively participating in the CounterAttack Campaign.

“Nelson officers will be on streets of Nelson working hard to eliminate the dangers of impaired drivers,” said Acting Sergeant Brian Weber in a written media release.

Weber said impaired drivers are those who chose to drive while their ability to operate a motor vehicle is affected by alcohol, illicit drugs and medicines.

“People found to be driving while impaired, face possible immediate road side driving prohibitions of up to 90 days, having the vehicle they were driving impounded up to 30 days along with having to pay all of the associated costs,” Weber explained.

“Drivers could also be facing Criminal Code charges of impaired driving.”

The Nelson Police Department is asking those who choose to partake over the holiday season to refrain from driving. 

“Take a taxi, call a friend, use transit, walk or make other arrangements,” Weber said.

“Lives may depend on your good sense. Take a stand and don’t let impaired driver’s get behind the wheel. 

“On average 86 people die in BC every year in crashes involving impaired driving,” Weber added. “ Please join us to reduce this number.”

Anyone encountering a suspected impaired driver, record the vehicle license plate number and dial 911 anywhere in the province.

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