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Nelson Tackles Food Security Asset Mapping and Needs Analysis

By Contributor
August 22nd, 2014

The Nelson Food Cupboard Society and the City of Nelson have embarked on a Food Security Asset Mapping and Gaps and Needs Analysis project to better understand the food security assets in existence within the municipality, as well as the gaps in services and distinct needs of our community. 

The project will create a visual map of the food security assets in Nelson and a report prioritizing the gaps and needs, along with program, partnership and policy recommendations for improved food security for the City.
“The community identified food security as an important issue in our Official Community Plan and Path to 2040 research and now we are working to better understand what businesses, services and supports exist in Nelson and are working well, as well as identifying where the holes in our food system are and how we could fill them,” says City Councillor Candace Batycki.
In addition to the City being interested in better understanding the local food system, the results of this project are intended to aid businesses and social service organizations in planning new programs or making changes to existing work.
“We are reviewing food security research that has been done in Nelson and the surrounding area over the last few years and holding two community consultations to get input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

City staff, food producers and retailers, health professionals, educators, social service providers, funders, and representatives from local farming societies have been invited to take part in our research circles so that we are able to produce an in-depth report and map.

The community consultations will also provide networking opportunities and it is hoped some new partnerships will develop out of this work,” commented Project Coordinator Marya Skrypiczajko.
The community consultations will be held on September 4 and 29 and the report will be presented to Mayor and Council and the public at the November 17 Committee of the Whole meeting.
The report will then be available to the community in print and web formats. Anyone interested in learning more about the project should contact Marya Skrypiczajko at 354-1633.
The project is being funded by Province of British Columbia (Healthy Communities Capacity Building Grant program), the Osprey Community Foundation and the Kootenay Co-op.

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