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Latest Mount Polley water-quality results

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August 26th, 2014

Water samples taken from Quesnel Lake on Aug. 13 by Ministry of Environment staff have been tested and continue to meet provincial and federal drinking water guidelines at shallower depths where drinking water is typically sourced from.

The latest samples were taken at the following locations and depths:

  • Quesnel Lake upstream Island North shore at 0.5 and 8m depths,
  • Quesnel lake North Shore East of Cedar Creek at 0.5 and 8m depths
  • Quesnel Lake West Arm Green Buoy Deep Station at 0.5m

Test results from these locations and depths also meet all aquatic life

Samples were also collected within a suspended sediment plume at 40, 60, and 90 metres depth at West Arm Green Buoy Deep Station. Tests showed the
water quality at 40m depth and below exceeded some drinking water guidelines and several aquatic life guidelines.

Interior Health continues to assess sample results provided by the Ministry of Environment for any potential human health risks. IH has advised residents who may notice increased turbidity, sediment, and/or a change in taste or odour to consider using alternate sources for their water.

Specifically, individuals are reminded they should not be drinking cloudy water. Point-of-use filters that are NSF certified (i.e. commonly used systems in households drawing water from lakes or wells) will safely remove the suspended sediment.

The ministry continues to complete sampling and assess the results. Long- term monitoring and testing is necessary to help better determine and understand any potential long-term impacts.

All results, along with explanations, are publically available on the Ministry of Environment’s dedicated Mount Polley site.

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