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Barrett & Hicks star in A Beautiful View at TNT Playhouse

By Contributor
August 13th, 2014

Daniel McIvor’s Governor General Award winning play A Beautiful View is subversive in its apparent simplicity, with its light comic tone: two women arrive on a stage, and tell the story of their relationship. It’s funny and quirky and wonderfully entertaining. Gradually, we realize that stories of camping and bands are not entirely what the evening is about…

Elizabeth Barrett and Sarah Jane Hicks, two very talented graduates of the Nelson youth theatre scene now working their way towards professional careers, show their stuff at the TNT Playhouse (corner of Ward and Carbonate) Friday to Sunday (August 15-17) and Thursday to Saturday, the following week — August 21-23.

“What I’m enjoying most about this play, and what I’m finding the most challenging is attacking the very natural dialogue in a way that feels real and candid,” says Sarah Jane.

“You’d never expect it but what I’m discovering is that this realistic modern speech is much more difficult to perform than, say, the dialogue in a period piece or the larger than life way characters communicate in a musical.

“As for the process, it’s really great to be working with somebody (Elizabeth) so close to me in age and so similar to me in many ways. We’re discovering so many things about our characters and their relationship, together, and having a lot of fun along the way.”

Adding an extra layer of relationship, the play is being directed by Sarah’s mother, Jane Sinclair who declares, “Modern, realistic plays are very hard to perform. There is no caricature or sweeping theatricality to hide behind.

“For this to work the actors are forced to be completely vulnerable,” she adds.

“Doing a play like this and learning the skills required to succeed is a real gift to a young actor. It’s a real thrill for me to work with two very talented young people. Both of them want to be professionals so they come with a great work ethic and keen insight.”

Adds producer Richard Rowberry, “Nelson is really supportive of our young actors when they put on musicals at The Capitol but it’s a bit harder to get people out to see them perform more serious and possibly more interesting work. I think that’s a real shame and a bit lazy.

“And let’s face it, once they make it big, they’re not sticking around so maybe we should be catching them when we can. And of course the next generation of hopefuls should be there too to watch and learn.”

Show time is 7:30. Advance tickets are available at Eddy Music and cost $15 adults, $10 students.

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