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Local seamstress Hannah DeBoer-Smith offers workshops

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July 2nd, 2014

This summer Selfdesign High is hosting artist in residence Hannah DeBoer-Smith.

DeBoer-Smith has been sewing since she was five-years-old, her mother was a local tailor and graciously let her hang around the shop and absorb some of her many skills.

DeBoer-Smith’s range of sewing has gone from; upholstery, vintage inspired clothing and aprons, outdoor gear, leather work, graduation dresses, silk screening, fashion shows and anything else she can get her hands on.

DeBoer-Smith recently completed the Fine Woodworking program at Selkirk College and was able to incorporate her sewing ability into some of the projects.

She believes that having a range of skills that span many different fields can only be of benefit for opening up opportunities in life. Hannah has taught upcycling sewing classes through Selfdesign High in the past and was able to impart her style of sewing and knowledge to high school students and enjoyed sharing her knowledge and abilities as her mom did for her.

With the sewing classes this summer she looks forward to people learning the valuable and practical skill of sewing to everyone no matter their skill level or age.

DeBoer-Smith will be teaching sewing art camps and workshops for young kids to adults. The program will range from a two-day workshop for basic sewing skills like patching cloths and hemming pants, making your own patterns from cloths you love or from your imagination, hand work like embroidery, learning the whole process of silk screening and how to do it without fancy equipment, image transferring onto fabric and making your own camping hammock for a very low cost.

Art Camps range from two for four days and are broken up into ages groups. The camps will teach the learner with no previous skills to whatever skills they already have how to better understand sewing and be able to practically use the skill on your own.

At the end of each camp the learners will go home with their finished projects. There will be a two-day boy’s and men’s sewing camp in August that is open to all ages, although boys are welcome in any other camps and workshops as well.

For high school students courses are free and for students interested in earning four high school credits this summer options are available for them to learn something great and earn some credits.

Courses will be running from the beginning of July to the end of August.

For more information on courses, costs and dates go to SDH Summer Textiles Program on, or call or e-mail Hannah DeBoer at 250-505-5745 and

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