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BC Used Oil Ambassadors make pitstop in Heritage City

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 27th, 2014

Two ambassadors for BC Used Oil and Recycling program were in Nelson during the weekend to promote public awareness and encourage responsible recycling.

Susan Zhang and Therese Mah are part of four student ambassadors canvassing the province for 17 weeks on a mission to foster sustainable communities by educating the public on how to recycle everything in their homes.

“For us we want to make sure all the collection facilities have all the resources they need and are happy with the program,” Susan Zhang told The Nelson Daily.

‘We want to know if there’s anything else we can do to help them because this program relies on all the collection facilities to take back all the used product.”

“So we’re here to make sure there are these places in the community and the people to go to to drop off items like paint, lights . . . oil, tires.”

British Columbia has one of the best oil recovery rates in Canada at 80 percent, however, every year over 18 million litres of used oil goes unaccounted for. 

As part of their campaign to promote public awareness and encourage responsible recycling, the BC Used Oil Management Association [BCUOMA], a non-profit organization has partnered with Tires Stewardship BC [TSBC], Product Care, HPSA (Medications Return Program -MRP), Electronic Products Recycling Association [EPRA], Canadian Battery Association [CBA] to launch their ninth annual province-wide Summer Ambassadors Tour. 

Due to the success of the BCUOMA program, B.C. now has one of the highest recovery rates in the country.

Not only has the association been able to connect with more program stakeholders and residents of B.C., but the program has also encouraged fellow industry associations to get involved.

Zhang and Mah visited many of the locations in Nelson, including the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre to communicate sustainable recycling practices to the greater public is a crucial aspect of our program. 

To find the closest recycling facility in your community visit
The Ambassadors’ tour can be tracked on their blog, Twitter (@bcusedoil) and Facebook (

Photo Caption: Susan Zhang (left) and Therese Mah stopped by the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre to promote the BC Used Oil and Recycling program Friday. — The Nelson Daily photo

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