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Careless discard of smoking material causes scare at Husky Station

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 3rd, 2014

Nelson Fire Department report disposal carelessly of what could have been, a cigarette, came dreadfully close to causing a major catastrophe Sunday at the at the Husky Station on Nelson Avenue.

Assistant Fire Chief Michael Daloise said in an written release that the “carelessly discarded smoking material” caused a fire approximately ten feet from the pumps at the local gas station.

“When the initial crew arrived a small fire was observed in the planter box that was up against the building,” Assistant Fire Chief Daloise said.

“The fire was quickly knocked down and crews checked to confirm that there was no extension to the interior of the building.”

“The cause of the fire was determined to be carelessly discarded smoking material,” Daloise added.

The Husky Station fire was called in by a nearby homeowner, who reported a fire consisting of large flames.

The Husky Station call was the second of the evening for Nelson Fire Department personal.

Earlier, crews responded to smoke coming from a garbage can at Lion’s Park. 

The officer on shift responded in an engine and was able to extinguish the fire using a small amount of water. 

The  investigation determined that someone had dumped their barbeque briquettes in the garbage and they had started the rest of the materials in the can on fire.

Saturday, Nelson Fire Department responded to a call of a fire in a woodpile.

Crews responded quickly to the call, extinguishing the fire in the woodpile that was stacked close to the house.

Once again cause of the fire is suspected to be carelessly discarded smoking material.

Daloise said with the approaching of the wildfire season Nelson Fire Rescue would like to remind everyone that cigarettes should only be discarded in appropriate fire safe containers and that the material from your barbeque or fireplace should always be put in a fire proof container and wet down. 

And never put these materials in your garbage.

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