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Health Canada issues recall for medical pot produced in BC

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 22nd, 2014

Health Canada has issued a recall notice Friday of marijuana for medical purposes from Greenleaf Medicinals in British Columbia following an inspection.

The pot in question is Purple Kush, Batch PK-10-20-13.

Greenleaf Medicinals is based in Nanaimo.

Health Canada said on its website the recall is due to issues with the company’s production practices which were identified during an inspection by Health Canada and may impact the product.

Health Canada said Greenleaf Medicinals is instructing clients to immediately discontinue use of any marijuana from this shipment which they may still have remaining in their possession.

The company has also informed Health Canada that they are presently working with other licensed producers to find a supply of marijuana for the impacted clients. Health Canada is currently monitoring Greenleaf Medicinal’s recall.

Producers of marijuana for medical purposes are subject to compliance and enforcement measures similar to those in place for other producers of controlled substances. They must meet strict security, control and reporting requirements, and they are regularly inspected.

Dried marijuana is not an approved drug or medicine in Canada.

Possession and use of marijuana remains illegal in Canada unless authorized under the regulations with the support of a doctor or nurse practitioner.

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