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Take It On composor pleased video being used during Peewee Rep Provincials

Bruce Fuhr
By Bruce Fuhr
March 14th, 2014

Sometimes it’s best just to listen.

Nelson native Ross Steed did just that when he decided to heed the advice of daughter Arianna by using music to help in his recovery from Lyme’s Disease and MS.

The result was the music video Take It On.

Now that same song and video is being used as a motivational tool, to inspire youth as Steed was helped along, during the upcoming B.C. Hockey Peewee AAA Championships beginning Sunday in Nelson.

“The youth of today is what will empower the future or what can create change,” said Nelson Peewee AAA Championship committee member Sarah Sinclair said when asked what message organizers wanted to deliver using the video.

Hearing that the Take It On video is being during a youth event it what Steed had hoped would happen.

“It’s very rewarding for me personally,” he said.

“Because they have a theme for this event that’s about youth empowerment . . . I got it that, that they got it and that the message in the song is loud and clear.”

“It’s moving and it’s not sentimental and I’m just thrilled that a youth-focus organization like this, hockey group, want’s to use the song or video as part of their evening,” Steed added.

The video was released January 25 at the Civic Theatre. In four days the video had more than 2700 views.

The song offers youth an inspiring approach to the challenges they’ll face, as they grow older.

Steed’s 16-year-old daughter was a main force behind getting the song written, encouraging dad to keep his music alive as part of his healing, which led him to write Take It On.

Local screenwriter Robyn Sheppard wrote and directed the video, with Allison Girvan, director of the Corazon Vocal Ensemble, and 60 members of the choir helping to back up the pop rock message.

“I don’t think a day goes by when I’m out and about somebody doesn’t come up to me and express how deeply moved they are by this video,” said Steed, overwhelmed at how the video has been received.

“The message — directly to youth, especially, but people in general that we can take on the tasks of our time and we need to show up, consistently, and together to create a future that’s necessary — seems to have uncovered for many, especially parents, an unspoken deep concern for the future . . . for their kids,” Steed added.

Sinclair said the video would be aired prior to the feature film during a schedule movie night event for the players during down time of the event.

The song will be featured throughout the March 16-21 championships, which is attracting more than 150 players on 10 teams aged 11-13 years from throughout BC, as a theme for the tournament as well.

“We want to use the video to showcase the beauty of our area,” Sinclair said. “Teams are coming here in March, and this is probably not the best time for people to see just how beautiful Nelson is.”

“But it’s the message the song has that we want to deliver to the players and parents.”

Which is ever-sweet music to the ears of the composer.

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