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New home for hi-tech entrepreneurs

By Contributor
March 16th, 2014

The Nelson area is already a hub for creative entrepreneurs, contractors and employees who seek the legendary Kootenay work / life balance.

With an established base of knowledge workers, tech startups and entrepreneurs already succeeding from an assortment of Nelson-area spare rooms, converted sheds and toy-strewn basements, KAST is proud to promote the new Gyre co-work space (in the old Nelson Daily News building) as an affordable option for 1-2 person businesses looking to enhance productivity and make key business connections by getting away from the home office and working alongside others.

Gyre co-founder Tim Pearkes said, “We are extremely pleased to offer this clean, modern space up to help nurture the growth of Nelson’s creative class. Hopefully, independent workers will relocate to this appealing space, where they can collaborate and inspire one another in the growth of their businesses.”

Following the emerging co-working trend, the purpose-built Gyre space is a turnkey solution for entrepreneurs / workers seeking a flexible, creative, fully functional workplace that is available on their schedule, whatever it might be.

Offering 24/7 access for a flat monthly fee (currently $250), users gain access to a floating desk, private boardroom, kitchen, printer, network of other awesome entrepreneurs, and attractive meeting space.

Combining a beautifully renovated historic space with the fastest connection to the digital world has created a natural place to propel emerging innovative entrepreneurs to boost the Nelson economy.

With a new affordable pricing structure now in place, the Gyre’s first members have now settled in and are looking forward to meeting you.

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