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ALS Walk in Nelson right around the corner

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May 13th, 2013

The 2013 Peoples Drug Mart Walk for ALS at West Kootenay will take place on Sunday, June 2 at 11:30 a.m. at Lakeside Rotary Park in Nelson.

Everyone is welcome and there is no registration fee!  Register at

There are 15 WALK locations in BC & Yukon. The WALKS are the annual, signature fundraiser for the ALS Societies of Canada. 

This year’s BC & Yukon goal is raise over $600,000. 

All proceeds will go towards ALS Patient Services and ALS Research into the cause of, and cure for ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – ALS, sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease- is a devastating terminal disease that destroys the voluntary muscles of the body, and rarely affects the senses. 

ALS can happen to anyone at anytime.

As the ALS Society of Canada works to enhance the national research effort, provincial societies in every corner of the nation continue to advance care and service to ALS patients across the country as they continue to face the consequences of their disease with courage and hope.

For many ALS patients and their families, their local ALS Society is a vitally needed lifeline to supports and services not provided by provincial governments.

Canadians are often shocked to discover that many of the essential requirements of these patients – such as vitally needed assistive devices for communication, electric beds, wheelchairs, transportation, and relief for family caregivers is not y funded by government, but relies on private donations.

Without their provincial ALS Society, these patients and their families would simply have no place else to turn.

For many affected by ALS in Canada, ALS staff become a cherished part of the family – people they can turn to and connect with to help create a seamless system of robust supports for daily living, and to be a friend and mentor to those adjusting to the stressful new realities of living with chronic disability.

We now know that – for many ALS patients living today – real breakthroughs can take place within their lifetime.

That is why, concurrent with each provincial society’s ongoing work supporting ALS patients in their community, we must redouble our efforts nationally to enhance our research effort and expedite investigations we know can bear fruit within years if not months.

All around the country, provincial ALS Societies are working harder than ever to raise funds.

With real hope in sight, we must ensure we provide the best possible care to patients and ensure they stay as healthy as possible so they can all be with us when inevitable breakthroughs occur. But those breakthroughs will not take place, unless we build the resources necessary to open the doors to new science.

For more information about the Nelson walk call Walk for ALS Coordinator Gord Shannon at 250-352-5989/250-354-8585 or email

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