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Smoke alarm saves Gordon Road homeowner from potential loss

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 5th, 2013

Nelson Fire Department was quick to respond to a report of smoke alarms sounding at the 800 block of Gordon Road Tuesday evening.

The call came in at  approximately 6 p.m. from neighbours reporting a house full of smoke with no one home.

Two on-duty firefighters and one engine responded.

Two additional members attended the fire from home.

Upon arrival of the first crew smoke was observed throughout the house.

A pot with food had been left on the stove unattended which had been removed and placed outside by neighbors.

Home occupants arrived just prior to the fire crew.

The first arriving crew’s primary objective was confirming cause of smoke and using Positive Pressure fans to remove the smoke from the home.

Nelson Fire Rescue would like to take this opportunity to caution the public on entering smoke filled buildings. The opening of doors or windows to gain access to the inside may introduce a flow of oxygen that will fuel the fire and potentially create a more hazardous environment. 

Please ensure that you do not put yourselves at risk.


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