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Man allegedly struck with skateboard in critical condition

By Contributor
March 26th, 2013

A 46-year-old man, said to have been struck with a skateboard during an altercation, is in critical condition in hospital in Kamloops.

RCMP said the incident began when a group of teenagers allegedly jaywalked in front of the man’s vehicle Sunday night.

The driver honked at the group and throught an object struck his car. So the man followed the group to a 7-Eleven store parking lot.

The passenger in the vechicle then got out and began arguing with the teens.

During the heated conversation the man pushed one of the group and was allegedly struck with the skateboard.

The man was knocked unconscious and rushed to hospital in critical condition. The man, who has not regained consciousness, has not has his name released.

The incident remains under police investigation.

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