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Ronald Wright, a bore and not inspiring. Underwhelmed by his address.

By chjeanes
October 11th, 2012

Wright was awful. The man is dull, his inability to speak informally is painful.

What did he offer us for solutions? “Political will.”

Did he have an opinion why our wills have not brought an end to our many problems, human and natural. No. Did he say why 2008 had not changed anything in capitalism? No. Why do the powerful have power over us? Why can Harper lead us into more military spendiing and degradation of our envirnoment etc etc ?

Overall, I failed to see any light in this man, when we need it so badly.

Why is he a celebrated author? He told me almost nothing I had not heard, and offered me and the audience no explanation of how to go forward in all the many crises he described.

I asked him about human consciousness. All he could say was, “I amnot sure what you mean. Don’t give up on politics.”

Sorry, Mr. Wright, I give up on you and your insights.

C. Jeanes

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