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UPDATE: Nanamio man charged after police recover grenade launcher

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
August 2nd, 2012

A Nanaimo man appeared in court Thursday charged with  Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm and the Unauthorized Possession of an explosive device, both Criminal Code charges.

Twenty-eight year-old Dustin Derreck Pacheo was remanded to Nanaimo Provincial court Thursday morning.

Two females arrested during the take down were released with no charges pending.

Investigators are still attempting to determine the origin of the 18″ grenade launcher.

Officers met with officials from the Canadian military this morning and they  confirmed the item is not part of their weaponry.

The launcher has not been reported stolen on police databases and its origin is still under investigation.

RCMP bust into Nanaimo hotel room to retrieve grenade launcher

An Emergency Response Team busted into a Nanaimo hotel room at about 10 a.m. PDT Wednesday and recovered a grenade launcher.

A 29 year-old female was found inside and arrested without incident.

A 28 year-old male associated to the room was located a short time later on Comox Rd along with a along with a 32 year old  female.

The 18-inch grenade launcher can be easily attached to the barrel of many rifles and can launch grenades a considerable distance.

No other weapons were found in the room.

RCMP officers received tips that weapons were in a room at the Harbourside Hotel on Terminal Avenue.

There was no ammunition with the weapon. No other weapons were found in the room.

All three in custody are all known to police, and that charges could be laid Thursday morning.

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