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LVR grad Rheanne Segstro goes eco-concious with new clothing line, Willow

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
March 9th, 2012

Eco-friendly is anything but boring says L.V. Rogers grad Rheanne Segstro.

Non-believers should check out Segstro’s debut clothing line, Willow, which focuses on creating earth friendly, style-driven options for free spirited tween girls.

“There is little clothing out there at for tween girls, let alone in the eco-conscious market, Segstro explains.

“There is tons of earth friendly styles for babies and small children as well as for adults, but there is nothing available for older kids.” 

Segstro has been enrolled in fashion design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond for the past four years.

Students develop design concepts using practice-led research along with creative and technical skills to work within the apparel industry.

As a final project, Segstro was to design a clothing line to be displayed at Kwantlen’s “The Show” at the River Rock Casino at April 3.

Willow fills this gap in the tween market by creating fashion forward, eco-conscious styles for girls between the ages of eight and 13,” said the 23-year-old Nelson native.

 “All of Willow’s fabrics are made from eco-conscious fibres including organic cotton and recycled polyester.”

When people think of eco-friendly, they often think dull colours and simple styles.

That is not what Willow is about.

Segstro endeavored to produce fun, style-driven options – not just the boring basics – that will excite both mom and tweens.

The Fall 2012 line “free spirit” offers bold, brightly coloured feather and stripe prints paired with casual, easy to wear silhouettes. 

Willow’s designs feature a large use of colour, prints and graphics, all of which use low impact dyes and processes.

Segstro was inspired to create Willow from her experience interning at Ivivva Athletica, a division of Lululemon that creates athletic wear for girls ages four to 12 as well as from her personal experiences with meeting tween girls.

“Young girls today are worried about climate change and the environment and they value planet friendly products,” said Segstro, hoping graduated brings a job in the clothing design industry.

“These girls are constantly inspired to change the world around them, which in turn inspired me to create styles would show today’s tween girls’ true spirit.”


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