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An evening with an ice climbing legend: Margot Talbot

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
June 7th, 2011

All That Glitters book launch

@ Cedar Creek Café with local author and ice climbing legend Margo Talbot

  • Saturday, June 11, 3:30 -5:30 pm

Flamboyant ice climbing legend, adventurer and pole dancer (as in: expedition to the South Pole) shares her autobiographical tale of transformation, from living in society’s darkest depths with well-earned prison time, to becoming one of the fittest, most accomplished and respected women in the sport of ice climbing.  

All That Glitters not only provides the platform for Talbot to share her story, but serves as the launching pad for the next stage of her life: helping others overcome debilitating depression and drug addiction through self empowered healing.

There will be food, drink and discussion plus a reading from the book.

Rob Moore will be on hand playing live music.

Don’t miss it. or


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