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Canada Post and union remain far apart on fundamental issues

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June 18th, 2011

Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) remain divided on a number of key bargaining issues — including wages, pension and sick leave.

Canada Post chief executive officer Deepak Chopra met with Denis Lemelin, president of CUPW, but the meeting failed to bring the two sides any closer to a resolution on the fundamental challenges facing Canada Post.

The union continues to have demands that would drive up costs, limit operational flexibility and restrict Canada Post’s ability to address fundamental problems such as declining mail volumes, competitiveness and a $3.2-billion deficit in the pension plan.

The company’s financial position has been further weakened by uncertainty and rotating strikes that began on June 3 and cost close to $100 million in lost revenues.

Chopra expressed disappointment with the union’s position and noted that Canada Post needs to adjust its cost structure and recover from the financial damage that has been inflicted by the work disruption.

The impact of the ongoing work disruption grows each day. Chopra concluded the meeting by noting that the union’s lack of movement is not in the best interests of long-term sustainability.



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