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Dispelling the myths of the parking meter rate hike

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 8th, 2011

Downtown parking meters increases have now soaked into the city but there are some misconceptions floating about, the City’s bylaw enforcement officers are reporting.


Misconception one

What do people do with quarters since the parking meters no longer take quarters?

• The parking meters still take quarters but now you only receive 15 minutes of time when previously you received 30 minutes.


Misconception two

The parking rates have doubled so have the fines doubled as well?

• No, the fine for parking at an expired parking meter still remains at $8 if paid within 24 hours.


People are asked to read the parking meter before depositing any coins. Parking time limits within the city range from 15-minute meters to four-hour meters.

Meters will still accept quarters, $1 coins or $2 coins, but you will only receive the maximum parking time limit identified on the meter.

As of Monday, all parking meters within the city have been recalibrated to reflect the new rates.

Any questions or concerns? Contact Nelson Bylaw Department at 505-5666.


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