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By DriveSmartBC on Sunday Feb 24 2019

This is a short story about things that go bump in the parking lot. The outcome could have been a lot simpler with a bit of courtesy and the sharing of required information but it didn't happen that way. I wonder what the ultimate cost will be when all is said and done.

I was waiting to turn left from the main access into a parking aisle at the mall along with a car opposing me and...

By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Feb 21 2019

Police have not yet located the two van occupants who pulled ap alongside a young girl on her way to school in Fruitvale yesterday, according to Trail top cop Sgt. Mike Wicentowich, but they did get a more detailed description for which residents can watch.

"We obtained these further details from the 11 year old student:

-  The van had black roof racks on top (like the kind...
By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Feb 20 2019

Year-over-year crime stats were on the agenda at city council’s regular meeting Tuesday night.

In a report to council, Castlegar top cop RCMP Sgt. Darren Oelke compared crime statistics between 2017 and 2018 for his detachment.

In an interview Wednesday, Oelke highlighted what he felt were some of the significant changes.

He said a dramatic drop in break-and-enters (59 in...

By Kyra Hoggan on Monday Feb 18 2019

RCMP West Kootenay Traffic and Castlegar RCMP Detachment attended a head-on collision on Highway 3A on Friday morning, near Thrums, which resulted in one fatality, according to RCMP West Kootenay Traffic Services Sgt. Chad Badry

"On Friday, Feb. 15, at approximately 9:45 a.m., members of the RCMP West Kootenay Traffic Services and Castlegar Detachment attended to a two vehicle head-on...

By Contributor on Sunday Feb 17 2019

Employment statistics resonate deeply with many people, and it’s no wonder—on average, Canadian employees spend about 20 per cent of their time working, and almost three quarters of Canadians’ total income is earned through employment. Income is a substantial determinant of personal well-being and a skilled and engaged workforce is key to regional economic success.

According to recently...

By DriveSmartBC on Sunday Feb 17 2019

When it comes to winter in the "warmer" areas of British Columbia, I don't think that anyone does a better job of making fun of bad drivers as cartoonist Adrian Raeside. The trouble is, it's not so funny when you have to share the roads with them. Many continue to drive as if it is a warm, sunny and dry afternoon.

Last Thursday evening here on the mid island I found myself driving...

By Rossland Telegraph on Sunday Feb 17 2019

For the month of December, 2018,  ...

By Kyra Hoggan on Friday Feb 15 2019

Local police are expressing fear and frustration as motorists forced to use Pass Creek Road as a detour (after a very serious MVI on Hwy 3A) abandon common sense and drive recklessly fast with no care for themselves, other motorists or local pedestrians/pets/children.

"Just slow down," said Castlegar RCMP Cpl. Brett Turner. "That road is horrible and winding with poor visibility on a...

By Boundary Sentinel on Thursday Feb 14 2019

In a media release Thursday, Grand Forks City Council said a conference call regarding the 2nd Street and 19th Street developments was held with Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, several members of her senior staff and the CEO of BC Housing, Shayne Ramsay.

"Council took the opportunity to relay ongoing concerns about the proposed...

By Trail Champion on Wednesday Feb 13 2019

A smash-and-grab in the wee hours of Monday morning saw two Trail men arrested according to Trail top cop RCMP Sgt. Mike Micentowich.

He said the store’s alarm went off at 3:52 a.m. on Feb. 11, bringing police to the Shopper’s Drug Mart located at 1305 Cedar Ave. in Trail. P

“Police discovered that a window had been broken with a cement block and merchandise had been stolen from...