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Queens Bay residents call for regional park to be made of proposed new ferry terminal site

If the MOTI goes ahead with moving the Balfour Ferry Terminal to the new Queens Bay North location, the beach in the photo at Queens Bay would filled to a  height equal to high water plus anticipated storm wave height. The new terminal would have to extend out over the water far enough to hold a number of lanes for traffic, parking, bus turnaround and fire lane and would erase the present shoreline north for at least 500 meters. — Submitted photo 

Concerned citizens opposed to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure plans to relocated the Balfour Terminal want elected officials to designate the area a regional park a member of a steering committee coordinating residents and businesses said in a media release.

The information came after 125 local residents and businesses met in Balfour Thursday night to hear community leaders frame a strategy to oppose relocating the Balfour ferry terminal to Queen’s Bay. 

BREAKING: Update on threat to Mount Sentinel Secondary School

Mount Sentinel Secondary School remains closed and all grad ceremonies cancelled after threats to the school forced an emergency evacuation Friday. Photo by Geoff Fontes

Little new information is being released as the investigation continues into serious threats made to Mount Sentinel Secondary School in South Slocan, but officials continue to caution parents and students to be on guard during any graduation celebrations this weekend.

The school remains closed following Friday's emergency, and it remains unclear whether it will open again on Monday.

Wolf hunting limits increased for the region; province on the lookout for squatters

The new bag limit for hunting wolves is three when it opens in September.— Creative commons photo

The bag limit for hunting wolves in the Kootenay region has been increased for the new hunting season, according to the recently released provincial regulations.

The new bag limit for hunting wolves is three when it opens in September, as the province endeavours to reduce the number of wolves in the region in an attempt to ease pressure on, and resuscitate, the endangered mountain caribou herds.

Selkirk College Grad Scores Scholarships for University Transfer to UBCO

Selkirk College Associate of Arts degree graduate Darren Paterson has secured $15,000 in scholarships as he goes on to further his studies at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. — Photo courtesy Selkirk College

Financial aid can go a long way in helping post-secondary students achieve great things and one Selkirk College Associate of Arts Degree graduate is a prime example.

Darren Paterson is taking his goal of achieving a doctorate degree one step at a time – next stop, the University of British Columbia-Okanagan (UBCO). There he will finish his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.

Local fishermen grill Ministry of Environment reps about Kootenay Lake Action Plan

Jeff Burrows, Senior Fish Biologist with the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch, was part of the Ministry staff fielding questions Thursday night at the Balfour Community Hall from local residents concerned about the declining kokanee stocks in Kootenay Lake. — Brendan Quinn, The Nelson Daily

The Balfour Community Hall was packed to the rafters with concerned citizens anxious to hear Ministry of Environment representatives discuss the the nuts and bolts of the Kootenay Lake Action Plan.

The Action Plan is the MOE's take on how to restore the troubled kokanee fishery in Kootenay Lake.

Jeff Burrows, Senior Fish Biologist with the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch, along with Matt Neufeld, Mike Ramsay, Holger Bohm, and Marley Bassett were on hand to answer any questions from the crowd about the plan.

'Why trash a beautiful piece of nature' — everyone is not happy with the proposed changes to the Balfour Ferry Terminal

The gymnasium at Redfish Elementary was packed with people wanting to find out information on the proposed changes to the Balfour Ferry Terminal Wednesday during the MOTI Open House. — Bruce Fuhr, The Nelson Daily

Back in 1970, about the same time rumours began circulating that the provincial government was considering changing the location of the Kootenay Lake ferry terminal in Balfour, Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell penned the hit single, Big Yellow Taxi.

A verse in the song made referenced to paving paradise in favour of a parking lot.

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

Winlaw community not taking closure of local elementary school sitting down — threatens legal action

Winlaw Elementary parents Claire Kelly and Kaila Ellis have started a legal fund to block the closing of the Slocan Valley Elementary School. — Brendan Quinn photo, The Nelson Daily

Emotions ran high and the tension inside the building could be cut with knife as the Kootenay Lake Board hosted a public meeting to discuss the potential closure of Winlaw Elementary School Monday evening in the Slocan Valley.

The meeting was yet another in a long line of similar events that have taken place during the last several months, but the enthusiastic crowd and passionate speeches elevated this particular meeting to a level not yet seen during the tumultuous process that is the facilities draft plan.

Overdose response measures roll out in emergency departments

The first sites, including Castlegar, Kaslo, Nakusp and New Denver, will provide both the enhanced overdose surveillance and the Take Home Naloxone program.

Interior Health has begun implementing measures in emergency departments to improve overdose surveillance and arm those at risk with naloxone, a life-saving drug that can reduce the risk of brain damage or death, from future opioid overdoses.  
Emergency departments in Castlegar, Kamloops, Kaslo, Kelowna, Nakusp, New Denver and Vernon are the first sites to provide both the enhanced overdose surveillance and the Take Home Naloxone program. Interior Health will roll both initiatives out to the 27 remaining emergency departments within the next two months.      

Kokanee restocking efforts show promise as B.C. launches detailed recovery plan

A comprehensive action plan to guide the ongoing recovery of local kokanee stocks will be discussed Thursday in Balfour. — Submitted photo

Following reports of a high survival rate for kokanee eggs planted into the Kootenay Lake spawning channel at Meadow creek and additional fry releases, the Province has launched a comprehensive action plan to guide the ongoing recovery of local kokanee stocks, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson announced today.

NDP pressures Trudeau government to decriminalize marijuana — now

Until the Trudeau government passes legislation to legalize marijuana it remains illegal for recreational use, which could lead to charges says Kootenay Columbia MP Wayne Stetski.

The federal New Democrats used its opposition time Monday in the House of Parliament to petition the Liberal government to decriminalize pot before it is legalized.

Kootenay/Columbia MP Wayne Stetski said the Liberals have flip-flopped on the issue since winning the election last year and now is the time to make move forward to protect young people ending up with criminal records while the government continues to study the issue.